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Serving The Boroughs Of Camp Hill, Lemoyne & Wormleysburg/
District #09-1-02

Experience Matters! Susan K. Pickford Has Over 30 Years Experience In Criminal Law


The Law

At the district justice level of our system there are no juries. The judge hears the evidence in both criminal and civil cases and applies the law to the facts. The MDJ hears preliminary hearings on criminal cases to determine if sufficient evidence has been produced to accuse a person of a crime and take him/her to trial as well as civil cases under $12,000, Landlord/Tenant and traffic cases, among others. Susan K. Pickford has been a trial attorney for over 30 years. She brings her extensive experience and knowledge of law to the cases that matter in your community.

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Hearing Community Concerns

Magisterial District Justices handle matters of concern to the local communities, including absentee landlords who do not follow borough codes, violations of ordinances, truancy, disreputable contractors, etc. These issues can disrupt the peace and environment of borough residents. Susan K. Pickford hears the concerns of the community. In 2009, Attorney Pickford stood up for clean and safe drinking water in our community, fighting the PUC and DEP to keep ammonia out of our water. In her law practice, Attorney Pickford has zealously represented the residents of this district in all matters of civil and criminal law. Attorney Pickford cares about the quality of life in the three boroughs and will listen to your concerns.
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Integrity & Experience At Work For You

Attorney Pickford has practiced law in two states and nine counties for more than 30 years. She has handled the most minor of traffic cases and the most serious of criminal cases. She brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to the position of Magisterial District Judge for this district. Attorney Pickford has represented her clients aggressively while remaining true to the ethics of her profession as well as her personal ethics. As a result, Attorney Pickford's practice has been largely sustained on referrals. As MDJ, Susan K. Pickford would bring that level of commitment to the matters that impact our communities.

“I have spent my life fighting for justice for individuals in an increasingly dysfunctional justice system. It is time now to fight for our system of justice itself. As MDJ, I will encourage fair and reasonable resolution of cases to help reduce the burden of overcrowding on the county court docket and the financial burden it places on taxpayers.” 

- Susan K. Pickford 

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