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Pickford for MDJ
Serving The Boroughs Of Camp Hill, Lemoyne & Wormleysburg/
District #09-1-02

My Ideas

Vote For A Candidate With Ideas Proven To Work

Resolve Disputes With Minimum Court Interference

When you support Susan K Pickford for DMJ, you're choosing to vote for a Magisterial District Judge who believes in a cost-effective government and will work toward the resolution of disputes with minimal court intervention.

In numerous cases, there's no need for bureaucracy to bog down the proceedings. Ensuring minimal court interference in these instances will also cut down on government waste. Find out more about our candidate and her platform.

Give Greater Court Access To The Community

Stand behind Susan K Pickford and support a candidate in favor of opening the court system up to the community. In addition to community access to the court, Susan supports comprehensive court education to allow community members to obtain a better understanding of the legal process.

I have spent my life fighting for justice for individuals in an increasingly dysfunctional justice system. It is time now to fight for our system of justice itself. As MDJ, I will encourage a fair and reasonable resolution of cases to help reduce the burden of overcrowding on the county court docket and the financial burden it places on taxpayers. - Susan K Pickford
Call 717-777-1210 with any questions about our campaign.
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