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The Lemoyne area was known as Bridgeport in 1835 and Riverton in 1888. When the population reached 800 and the citizens applied for their own post office, the United States Postal Service granted their request on the condition that they rename the town so as not to be confused with Riverton VA.

During a town meeting, the name Lemoyne was chosen to honor Charles LeMoyne, a French soldier who had explored the Ohio River and settled near Harrisburg. Though he had no direct connection to Riverton, he was well-known and nothing has been named in his honor.

After the name choice was made final, the borough of Lemoyne was officially incorporated on May 23, 1905. 


In 1772, John Wormley settled on the West Shore and was deeded land near his neighbor, John Kreitzer. Both farmers, the two quickly became allies. In 1815, John Wormley, Esq., a son who inherited his father's land and estate, founded the town of Wormleysburg.

Samuel Oyster, another area pioneer writing for historian I.D. Rupp, described Wormleysburg as having a population of 280 with roughly 50 dwellings, a tavern, two grocery stores, a schoolhouse, a Methodist meetinghouse, and a handicraft village in 1845.

Today, the John Wormley House is recognized as a symbol of community heritage and is found at the corner of Front and Walnut Streets in Wormleysburg. A historical marker honoring the founder of the home is located adjacent to the former Wormley Residence.

Camp Hill

This stop along the Cumberland Valley Railroad between Harrisburg and Carlisle was known as White Hill prior to the Civil War. During the war, the northernmost engagement of the Gettysburg Campaign, the Battle of Sporting Hill, took place at Camp Hill in late June of 1863. 

On November 10, 1885, Camp Hill was incorporated as a borough from East Pennsboro Township.
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